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SOUNDVERTER NOW HOLDS US PATENT 9,510,072 B2.  Invented in the United States Of America and selling worldwide.

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About the Soundverter.

SOUNDVERTER  Invented by Bret Newman of Columbus, Ohio. Now holds a US Patent  and is the only non-electronic, UNIVERSAL alternative solution to enhance the sound of the original down firing speakers of flat screen TVs through sound reflective technology.  

The SOUNDVERTERsystem is the one and only Universal sound reflector designed for flat screen TV's. Truly a Original Sound Bar Alternative, Originator,  not some cheap imitator. 

When your SOUNDVERTERS have been installed with their easy adhesive strip or hook and loop,   most of our customers instantly want to turn down the volume level. SOUNDVERTERS will help provide a clearer sounding audio from your Flat Screen TV speakers for years to come.

There is no power required.  Simply Put, "Simply Better Sound".

Purchase a pair on line with us today and start enjoying quality sound from the factory speakers that came with your Flat Screen TV.

SOUNDVERTERSmakes a great gift for someone you love or has everything.

To order your Soundverter System, simply go to the left side of this page and place your order online.  We look forward to 'hearing' your thoughts about the innovative, PATENTED , Soundverters.

When you have questions, feel free to contact us at:   support@soundverter.com

Below is an Illustration of a flat screen TV with DOWN FIRING SPEAKERS. Please notice the location of the SOUNDVERTERS at the bottom, left and right side of the screen. 

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