The Birth of the Soundverter's TV Sound Enhancer

Bret Newman…..


Thank you for visiting the SOUNDVERTER home website. To say the least I have a Mechanical background starting out as a young child helping my father with fixing Car’s he would purchase, bring home and repair what was wrong and put them up for sale. I went from working on Car’s to Trucks, to Joining the Ohio Army National Guard and trained to be a crew chief on helicopters specifically the UH-1 ( Huey-67N ) and later re-upped after 911 and transitioned to the UH-60 ( Blackhawk-15T) , Purchased an small Cessna and leaned how to repair the fixed wing aircraft and last but not least Owning and operating an Home Appliance repair company to include HVAC repair. I enjoyed learning all of these mechanical aspects Of the Mechanical world that surrounds us and our daily lives.

Well since the first purchase of a Flat Panel TV I notice the sound was horrible. However with a busy life style I did not have a lot of time to think of how to resolve this problem.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

So, as time went on and the TV’s became thinner and thinner, and the speakers became smaller and smaller the sound continued to deteriorate.

One day in 2014 relaxing and watching a program of the “Shark Tank” and a man named “Rabbi Moshe Weiss” presented a product he invented called the “SoundBender” a device to enhance the sound of a iPod. The lights went on and Blew out in my mind. I scrambled to create prototype items that would work on my TV to redirect the Sound wave emitting from the TV. My Son came in the House one day while doing some Testing and he stated”Hey Dad it works”! I tested a prototype on my sisters TV in her bedroom which was in a Hutch. She was ecstatic of the audio improvement.

R.I.P. Rabbi Moshe Weiss. Wish I had the time to Thank him for his Inspiration.

I was determine that if I was going to create something it was not going to be just a simple bent piece of Plastic that you slap on your devices with no thought put behind it.

Thus ,the Uniquely, Intelligently and universal designed device was born with a little help from networking acquaintances and bartering my Time with these now New Friends. The process has taken five years now and I have leaned a lot about inventing and bringing a product to the masses. Which has up to now only being purchased by those searching the net to find a solution to the flawed sound system of the new aged TV’s.

It is time to bring the Injected Molded Product to the Masses and get the word out by all means possible. That in itself will be I am sure as daunting task. My Father Told me the best advertisement is the “Word of Mouth” Son. So, I sincerely appreciate all of my customers who have informed others of my product and its performance.

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