Getting Better Sound With My TV.

You want to have what others have. Better Sounding TV with voice Clarity and lower Volume? Then you will have to do, what the Others do and Purchase a pair of the Speaker Accessory know as the Soundverter TURBOSCOOPS ® that will redirect and BOOST your sound wave emitting from the Down Firing Speakers installed on your Flat Screen TV. 

That's Right and the proof is in the Pudding. Many have searched and many have found and resolve the terrible sound emitting from their Flat Screen TV screens.

In order to make the TV's Slimmer the manufacture reverted to installing small speakers in the bottom edge of The slim Flat Screen TV panels which are referred to as "Down Firing Speakers" and yes they are pointed at you Floor. You can just imagine, if you took your portable radio turned it on and place it on a table with the speakers facing down towards the ground you would get the same effect, Muffled Dialogue, Echo’s and Distortion since you are forced to Turn up the Volume to hear the Dialogue Clearly.  

Give them a Try! What do you have to lose? "Money Back Guarantee" if you, Don't notice the difference in the Sound emitting from your flat screen TV. 

Here are some comments from our customers:

It arrived today. Works great. Very pleased. 


Friday, July 20, 2018


This is my second order. I received the first today within 3 days. Great service. Easy installation 5 minutes.. Amazing reception. Much better than the $80 sound-bar I had. The voice reception is clear, un-garbled.

Amazing, I imagine my son and daughter will be customers soon. Thanks so much. Have to get used to the lower volume at least 50% below what I considered normal and still unclear reception.

The one I order today is going on my 55" TCL in the Living Room that blasts throughout the house. Thanks for a great product.





For those of you who may be looking for an Alternative way to improve the Sound of your Flat Screen TV, perhaps you will find The Soundverter™  to be the best SOUNDBAR ALTERNATIVE available today.  Many of our customers have commented the Soundverter™  is a great Alternative to a Soundbar and for those areas of the House you don't plan on using a Sound Bar on the TV such as one located in the kitchen.

Improve the Sound Clarity of your Flat Screen TV's with a set of SOUNDVERTER TURBOSCOOPS ® 

Sound Bar Alternative

The one and only SOUNDVERTER is a Universal Sound Bar Alternative for flat screen TV's. This unique yet simple TV sound reflector designed to reflect sound waves of down or side 'firing' speakers into your listening area and will fit the majority of flat screen TV's in use today. 

No additional controllers are needed and there aren't any wires to hook up. Just locate your speakers and with the adhesive strips included, attach them around the outer edge of each of the two speakers on your TV.  We are confident, you will be amazed with the improved sound quality and amplified sound.

You don't need to take our word for it. Have a look at our testimonials and see what our customers have invested their own valuable time to say about their Soundverter purchase experiences.  We don't mean to boast, but..... we're pretty excited about how they feel and look forward to hearing about your experience.

Increase Volume on Flat Screen TV

SOUNDVERTER'S™ are designed to solve an audio speaker placement challenge on almost all flat screen TV's manufactured today.  Their slim designs force a requirement for the speakers to be placed on the bottom or sides of the TV unit resulting in an indirect sound between the TV and the viewers. These are referred to as Down Firing Speakers.

The universal design of the SOUNDVERTER™ will fit the majority of Plasma, LCD and LED televisions with down or side firing speakers.  The set of two Soundverters with required adhesive included in the package, can be attached using the 'vertical tab' for slim models and side speakers or the 'horizontal tabs'   for bottom and larger speakers displacements.                      

All  of the FEEDBACK from those who have purchased our SOUNDVERTERS™ have said they are extremely satisfied with the improved volume and crisper, clearer sounds and dialogue.  This is because the sound wave is now being directed / bounced toward the direction of the viewer and is no longer reverberating/ bouncing off back and side walls of the room where the TV is installed.  A more direct path of sound wave is created by the SOUNDVERTER ™ to the listening audience. 

The SOUNDVERETER ™  is a simple, and effective alternative to an electronic Sound Bar solution and with its uniquely design, it will out last any SOUND BAR and its additional controller.

Here is an example of what we are saying Click here for a demo conducted on Youtube.


The Original Sound Bar Alternative TV SOUNDSCOOPS sound reflecting device.

As many have already called them SoundScoops!  The truly UNIVERSAL designed SOUNDVERTER ™ was created by a man on a quest to improve the sound of his Flat Screen TV. 

Simple, yet effective design the ONLY UNIVERSAL  recyclable TV Sound Reflector available today will keep on giving better sound for your Flat Screen TV for years to come. The "UNIVERSAL" design will fit the majority of electronics small or Large in use today. 

How does the Soundverter work?

 By redirecting the sound save of the 'down firing' or 'side firing' speaker into the viewer listening area, viewers get a crisp clear dialogue that they been missing for years. When installed, viewers will find themselves lowering the volume.

People with hearing aids can can also hear their TV's more clearly with less electronic reververberation, as the sound from the Soundverter, is emitted naturally and without any additional electronic devices to move the sound into the room.

Get better sound for your electronic device with the sound bar alternative, SOUNDVERTER ™.  We guarantee it will not interfere with the manufactured design of your flat screen TV or block any vital venting.  Soundverter is designed to keep the working components cool and fit most   with down firing flat screen TV's with down or side firing speakers.

We look forward to filling an order for you, your friends and your family members. 

Sound reflector for Flat Screen TV's

The one and only sound reflector for Flat Screen TV's down firing speakers available today. If you are like millions that have purchased a Flat Screen TV only to get it home and have to have the Volume so high that it is annoying to most.

Perhaps you have a small TV in a Kitchen or quest room that you don't want to spend a lot of money on a sound bar to obtain better sound. Well this problem has been solved and the  solution to your dilemma is here!

The one and Only Sound Reflector for Flat Screen TV's "Soundverter". Soundverters easily attach to your TV's down firing speakers and redirects the sound waves into your Listening area, allowing you to reduce the volume and enjoy your viewing. Buy a pair today and you and others will be glad you did. 

New models under development for the up and coming new year. Stay tune for more updates.