Sound Bar Alternative

The one and only SOUNDVERTER is a Universal Sound Bar Alternative for flat screen TV's. This unique yet simple TV sound reflector designed to reflect sound waves of down or side 'firing' speakers into your listening area and will fit the majority of flat screen TV's in use today. 

No additional controllers are needed and there aren't any wires to hook up. Just locate your speakers and with the adhesive strips included, attach them around the outer edge of each of the two speakers on your TV.  We are confident, you will be amazed with the improved sound quality and amplified sound.

You don't need to take our word for it. Have a look at our testimonials and see what our customers have invested their own valuable time to say about their Soundverter purchase experiences.  We don't mean to boast, but..... we're pretty excited about how they feel and look forward to hearing about your experience.

Get better sound out of TV speakers

Read what others who have purchased a pair are saying about the New "SOUNDVERTERS". The one and only acoustic sound reflector for Flat screen TV's with down firing speakers.

Tired of having your volume level annoyingly high to hear the dialogue?

Want better sound out of your TV speakers?


Take a Look and decide for yourself!

No risk to try a set for your TV.

100% Money back guarantee if your are not satisfied with results! 

Joe Griffith on Improve TV Sound:

 I am very pleased with my “SOUNDVERTERS” I purchased for our TV's they have improved the sound tremendously on both small and large. Thanks for making them!

 C Diel:

I’m interested in ordering some sets of SoundVerters. I’ve been working aviation since 1965 and my hearing is decidedly not what it once was. I find myself cranking the volume way up to hear spoken audio and in bed I have to cup my ear as well while watching the news.

O'Brien Mills:

Great product.  My wife works out in our basement next the furnace so she has to crank the volume to 60 on our Sony HDTV. I'm hoping this fixes my lack of hearing. 


 Hi. Wanted to let you know how happy we are with the “SOUNDVERTERS”. It was simple, easy to attach. Only took a few minutes and it was ready to use along with a couple adjustments to the TV itself.  Being that I am hard of hearing, it was difficult to distinguish sounds before, but now I can hear the TV perfectly without having to blast it.

Robert Burtner:

I received my ”SOUNDVERTERS”  last week and am very happy with the product. I am somewhat hard of hearing and my 32" LG TV is mounted on a stand that rolls under the foot of the bed. The TV is tilted down toward me making the bottom firing speakers send the sound to the back. This product took care of that and made speech and music much more intelligible.   Thanks for inventing these.  

Get Better sound out of your Flat Screen TV speakers with " SOUNDVERTER" 

Soundverter improving the sound of Flat Screen TV's by sound reflection.

Order your set today! You and your loved ones will be glad you did!               


Improve TV Sound

So, many people agree that they would love to improve the sound of Their TV.  You will see it all over the internet people discussing that they have a great picture but crappy sound emanating from their TV.

Well, now a answer to their problem has arrived. No, it is not a Sound Bar or a Home Theater system it is a simple, yet effective TV sound reflector/ deflector designed for Flat screen TV's with Down firing Speakers. These are the majority of the ones in use today.

The Soundverter attaches to your TV using Velcro. Once installed the SOUNDVERTER redirects the sound wave toward the viewing area and eliminates the need to blast or crank up the volume level to clearly hear dialogue. People who are hearing impaired have discovered being able to better hear dialogue and being able to lower their volume level.

Buy a set for  your TV or a loved one today. You will be like all the others who have purchased a pair, and be lowing your TV's volume level and clearly hear the dialogue. 

At last the TV sound has been improved by SOUNDVERTERS.