John Bradyon TV SOUND

Just installed Soundverters what a difference!!!!!! I will recommend to all my friends and family. Thanks,
John Brady



They work great, and was easy to install. Great ideas all have one thing in common, simplicity.
Thanks Jim


Matt on Increase Volume on Flat Screen...

My name is Matt. I'm the Shop Manager at The Columbus Idea Foundry. I met the inventor of Soundverters a couple years ago. He came in looking to prototype his product, but we didn't have the machine set up that he needed. This small hurdle didn't dissuade him from finding another, better, solution! He came back a few months later with a gift for me. My very own set of Soundverters!
These fit my Sony TV perfectly and dramatically helped in the quality and loudness of sound coming from my tv. Why tv manufacturers would put speakers so they face the floor is beyond me :/
Huge thanks and congratulations to Brett of Soundverters for making an awesome product!!


Joe Griffithon Improve TV Sound

I am very pleased with my soundvereters I purchased for our Tv's they have improved the sound tremendously on both small and large. Thanks for making them!


Caroleon Better Sounding TV Device.

Hi. Wanted to let you know how happy we are with the Soundverter. It was simple, easy to attach. Only took a few minutes and it was ready to use along with a couple adjustments to the TV itself. Being that I am hard of hearing, it was difficult to distinguish sounds before, but now I can hear the TV perfectly without having to blast it.
Thanks for inventing it.


John Longmoreon Sound reflector for Flat Screen...

Found you on the internet

Delighted with the product

John Longmore


Jeff on Better Sounding TV Device.

Mr. Newman,

I have had the Soundverter on my TV now for 2 weeks. Amazing what the difference in sound this has made. Mr. Newman is a student in my AutoCad class and mentioned he was inventing this device that will fit onto your flat screen television. He said it would take the sound that goes down from the bottom of your television and push it towards you. Mr. Newman drew it up and then brought a mold into class. It's one of those devices that you would say "How didn't I think of that". This works Fantastic and I would recommend this to anyone. The reason why people want a sound bar is because you have to turn your TV up so high. With this device I do not see the need for a sound bar unless you have surround sound. I would normally have the television volume between 18-24. Now it's normally set at 10 as the sound is forced towards you the need to raise the volume so high is not needed. Great job on the product!! love it!



Cathy on Better Sounding TV Device.

We have a LED TV in our kitchen and have hated that the speakers are at the bottom of the TV, the sound gets lost in the cabinets and we have to turn it up to sometimes annoying levels to hear. We have been considering getting some sort of sound bar to rectify the situation. We had the idea to Google the situation and see if anybody else had found a better and easier solution. That is how we came upon your device and web site. It was obvious and made perfect sense. We have other small TV’s in the house where it would benefit so we immediately ordered a set of three. They have made a tremendous difference. Such a simple device and well worth the cost.


Eddie on Better Sounding TV Device.

We purchased a pair and I am grateful. I am hard of hearing and these have improved the sound quality tremendously. What a unique device. I would recommend these to anyone who wants to improve the sound of their Flat Screen TV with out the use of soundbars or home theater systems. I gave my sound bar away.



Jerry & Lori on Better Sounding TV Device.

Well what can we say amazing. We purchased a set a few weeks ago and are quite surprised at the change in sound quality. We used to have to listen with the volume at the level of 24 now we only need to listen to it set at about a level of 10 or 11. The clarity and crispness was enhanced enough to turn down volume, and here it better. It was a nice surprise to find something that delivered. It was so much better even the family dog noticed lol. Seriously though really the dog did notice, before installation he never barked at the TV. ever. After installing them, he barks at door bells ,sirens, other animals ext... he hears on the TV.. So all I can say is if you want an economical, green, everlasting way to improve the sound quality of your flat screen then you should GET A PAIR OF SOUNDVERTERS .
Thanks Soundverter,
Jerry and Lorie OHIO


Ann Scott on Better Sounding TV Device.

These absolutely work fantastic. I have a TV that sits in a cabinet and the sound is very muffled it had to be listened on the highest volume. Installed SoundVerters. What's the final verdict? I can turn it down to 9 or 10 as opposed to 30 or better is what I use to listen to it.



Jim Raskett on Better Sounding TV Device.

I came across Soundverter looking for this type of device in the Internet. I am happy with Soundverter and would recommend it. It greatly increased the built in speaker sound quality on my Samsung 46".


Jim Jeffery on Better Sounding TV Device.

After building a "prototype" by cutting a 4 inch pvc pipe into quarters to help with diverting the sound from our "SmartTV" toward the front viewers, In searched on-line for the availability of a similar device. I believe I used "TV, sound and deflectors" as my search words. Your injection molded devices look and work great...better than the "sound-bars" sold to fix the known problem! During my investigation , I also found that all of the cable companies have been switching to CISCO PC Boards in their Cable Boxes which do not reproduce high frequency or human voice sound in the range typical of hearing loss for elderly subscribers. The solution is simply to scream at the Cable provider that only SAMSUNG boxes reproduce the human voice and high frequency sounds! Our provider (Brighthouse) has placed 2 SAMSUNG Boxes in our home and all is well! I also contacted CISCO about the problem to give them a "heads-up" and suggested they utilize elder and war vets with hearing loss to test their PC Boards in the future!



Adnan Ansar on Better Sounding TV Device.

I was looking for a simple solution to improve sound on a TV in a guest
bedroom. I didn't want to install a soundbar or speakers. I came across
your site after a fair amount of searching on Google, and your product
seemed worth a try.


Tiffiany Funk on Better Sounding TV Device.

I think I was just searching the web through yahoo or Google for " flat screen TV sound enhancer". I knew what I wanted but I didn't know it existed or what it was called. It was an easy and reasonably priced solution. It greatly improved the sound of TV which is 65" but volume required to be max in a relatively normal sized room. Now we have reduce the sound level and enjoy our TV Viewing. I would highly recommend the product to anyone who needed it.


Jerry Cordel on Better Sounding TV Device.

We just purchased a pair for our TV and are amazed of the better sound now being produced from our TV. Our dog even barks at the TV with certain sounds. That is so Funny. Thanks Soundverter for improving our Television viewing.


Tina Harris on Read what Others have to say.

Tania Harris

I love this, what a simple and smart idea! Perfect for someone like me who is not very tech savvy.


Robert Burtner on Read what Others have to say.

I received my Soundverters last week and am very happy with the product. I am somewhat hard of hearing and my 32" LG TV is mounted on a stand that rolls under the foot of the bed.The TV is tilted down toward me making the bottom firing speakers send the sound to the back of the room. This product took care of that and made speech and music much more intelligible.

Robert Burtner.


Dean Lykins on Read what Others have to say.

We love them. They have improved our Television sound and viewing tremendously.

Mr & Mrs Lykins


Lacey on Read what Others have to say.

Just received and installed my soundverters. The quality of my sound improved immensely. I no longer have to turn my television sound up to 60 in order to hear. My sound is now set on 17, and it makes me feel like I have a surround sound system in my living room.

This is such a simple, yet perfect, idea.


danielle murphyRead what Others have to say.

this is really cool, I will defiantly be sure to spread the world!

Many are wondering what is wrong with the TV SOUND / AUDIO on their Flat Screen TV. Some have purchased an innovative idea called a Sound Bar to correct this existing audio problem, only to end up with another controller to control the volume of their TV.  Necessity is the mother of invention as they say.

 The reason for the poor audio is, as Flat Screen TV designs become slimmer and sleeker, the manufacturing innovators have moved the speakers to the bottom or side of the TV. This in turn creates a secondary reverberating sound wave effect, similar to hearing a radio in an adjacent room or turning your radio towards a back wall or the floor.  The result is a higher required volume and a reverberating sound.

Some manufacturers such as VIZIO  and LG at one time offered a solution to the bottom or side speakers on the TV with an Acoustic Sound Reflector.

This Acoustic Sound Reflector device was apparently removed from the marketplace and as a result, a simple solution for a majority of Flat Screen TV's continue to exist today.  It is due to this challenge, that the SOUNDVERTER is becoming so popular..

Most television viewers have heard the annoying loud and reverberating sounds when a TV is turned up to accommodate the poor quality of sound with a special focus on hotel rooms, hospital rooms and the living room when people are trying to sleep next door. With the Soundverter, a simple solution has been designed to solve a very large television audio problem.

An alternative to the electronic Sound Bar Solution has now been invented. and it is called the SOUNDVERTER.  This unique and simple to install device has a Universal design to fit the Majority of Flat Screen TV's in use worldwide. 

Customers are Happy, pleased and are enjoying Better Sounding TV.

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Sound Bar Alternative

The one and only SOUNDVERTER is a Universal Sound Bar Alternative for flat screen TV's. This unique yet simple TV sound reflector designed to reflect sound waves of down or side 'firing' speakers into your listening area and will fit the majority of flat screen TV's in use today. 

No additional controllers are needed and there aren't any wires to hook up. Just locate your speakers and with the adhesive strips included, attach them around the outer edge of each of the two speakers on your TV.  We are confident, you will be amazed with the improved sound quality and amplified sound.

You don't need to take our word for it. Have a look at our testimonials and see what our customers have invested their own valuable time to say about their Soundverter purchase experiences.  We don't mean to boast, but..... we're pretty excited about how they feel and look forward to hearing about your experience.

Plasma Sound Reflector

We thank all of you who have taken time to provide us comments on how you found our site. 

Here is how one customer found this product. Obviously he was in search, as millions are looking for some way to improve the sound quality of the Down firing speakers of the Flat Screen TV. He like many, have had enough of the poor sound quality emitting from their Flat screen TV and decided that enough was enough. He was determined to improve the sound quality of his plasma Flat Screen TV.

Here is what he wrote:

Looking forward to trying these out! They seem a little on the pricey side, but if they do what they are claimed to do then I'm sure they will be worth it! P.S. If it helps, I was googling "plasma speaker reflector", which lead me to this AVSForum post.  From there I clicked your link, watched the YouTube Videos, heard a noticeable difference just from your demo video and decided to go ahead and order a few.

He came across  a link taking him to and there he order a triple set for his Flat Screen TV's.  Check out the demo video that helped him to decide and then decide for yourself.