How do you fix the Sound of Your TV


The simple and easy way to fix your sound, that won't set you back an arm and a leg. This TV Speaker Accessory, The Soundverter TURBOSCOOPS® are the only Intelligently, Uniquely designed universal and patented TV sound Diverter. A TV Sound Enhancement kit. Made in America and Invented by an America Soldier.  Not some cheap copy cat. THE ORIGINATOR, NOT THE IMITATORS!

The injection mold model is now available.

Have a Look at our Blog and our customers comments. You will see the facts and what people really think. 

This customer ordered the 3D printed model and was very pleased. We offer to send him A set of the first run of the Injection mold style and this is what he had to say.

July 20th, 2018

Hello Soundverter,

I love the new injection molded model! They work great on our back porch!

I have attached pics of them mounted on our Hisense 43" Roku TV.

Thank you again,





Sound reflector for Flat Screen TV's

The one and only sound reflector for Flat Screen TV's down firing speakers available today. If you are like millions that have purchased a Flat Screen TV only to get it home and have to have the Volume so high that it is annoying to most.

Perhaps you have a small TV in a Kitchen or quest room that you don't want to spend a lot of money on a sound bar to obtain better sound. Well this problem has been solved and the  solution to your dilemma is here!

The one and Only Sound Reflector for Flat Screen TV's "Soundverter". Soundverters easily attach to your TV's down firing speakers and redirects the sound waves into your Listening area, allowing you to reduce the volume and enjoy your viewing. Buy a pair today and you and others will be glad you did. 

New models under development for the up and coming new year. Stay tune for more updates.