Installation Instructions


Flat screen TV manufacturers commonly place the speakers on the bottom underneath side of the monitor frame. The speakers are located behind the grill areas. These are known as “Down Firing Speakers”.



Looking up through each of the protective grills will reveal the speakers. On some television models, the speaker is the same size as the protective grill. Other models incorporate ventilation with the speaker, resulting in a longer protective grill.





If the speakers are located less than ½” from the back of the television (as shown below), TurboScoops® can be installed in the vertical configuration.

Remove one of the PROTECTIVE SHEATHES from the RECTANGULAR ADHESIVE STRIP and apply it above the LIP on the VERTICAL TAB (as shown).


Remove the second PROTECTIVE SHEATH from the applied ADHESIVE STRIP. Align the scoop to the center of the speaker and slide the HORIZONTAL TABS forward along the bottom of the television frame until the VERTICAL TAB adheres to the back of the television.

Repeat these steps to install the second scoop.



If the speakers are located more than ½” from the back of the television (as shown), TurboScoops® MUST be installed in the horizontal configuration.

The VERTICAL TAB of the TurboScoops® has been scored for an easy and clean break.

Grab the TurboScoops® as illustrated below. Place increased pressure on the VERTICAL TAB with your index finger until the TAB breaks off, forcing the vertical tab over and into the scoop.


Cut the SQUARE ADHESIVE STRIP in half to form two triangles. Remove one of the PROTECTIVE SHEATHES from each of the CORNER ADHESIVE STRIPS and apply them on each of the HORIZONTAL TABS as shown.


Remove the second PROTECTIVE SHEATH from the applied CORNER ADHESIVE STRIPS and firmly place TurboScoops® directly over the speaker as shown to the right.

Repeat these steps to install the second scoop.


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