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You too can have a better Sounding TV for LESS!

Boost your Factory Speakers and enjoy crisper, clearer Dialogue at Lower Volume Levels, easy Installation see “how to install”. hear for yourself click here

On the Porch

They blend right in to the TV ( ACTUAL customer photo) (A.C.P.)

They blend right in to the TV ( ACTUAL customer photo) (A.C.P.)

I love the new Injected molded Model! They work Great on our back porch!

Mounted on a Hisense 43” Roku TV.

Thank you Again.




tHEy wORK gREAT! (A.C.P.)



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Using reflective technology, The Soundverter “Cups” the existing speaker similar to the SOUNDBENDER® (As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank) does for the iPad®. Amplifying the Sound and Providing better sound quality from your factory speakers.

On the Wall

Such an improvement (A.C.P.)

Such an improvement (A.C.P.)

So Simple! Who would of thought my sound would improve this much. Much more affordable than a Sound bar and accomplished what I needed. Easy to install just peel and apply! That’s it. No messy wires, no additional remotes.

Thanks for inventing this unique Device.

Love It!.


On the stand

Very impressed (A.C.P.)  -Andrew UK

Very impressed (A.C.P.)

-Andrew UK

what are you waiting for! get better sound now for less!

what are you waiting for! get better sound now for less!

We have a LED TV in our kitchen and have hated that the speakers are at the bottom of the TV, the sound gets lost in the cabinets and we have to turn it up to sometimes annoying levels to hear. We have been considering getting some sort of sound bar to rectify the situation. We had the idea to Google the situation and see if anybody else had found a better and easier solution. That is how we came upon your device and web site. It was obvious and made perfect sense. We have other small TV’s in the house where it would benefit so we immediately ordered a set of three. They have made a tremendous difference. Such a simple device and well worth the cost.


if you are not completely satisfied we will refund your money guaranteed!

Fits the Majority of Flat screen TV’s with what is know as “Down Firing Speakers” before you order check out the “HOW TO INSTALL” link to ensure your TV has these type of speakers!


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